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Concord home improvement and solar


While a new solar system will cut your electric bills it will also produce a steady amount of energy over time. As a result, it will lock in your energy costs and protect you from rising rates.  Due to using solar energy, rather than grid energy, your use of fossil fuels is reduced, which lowers your carbon footprint. In addition, your building can also receive LEED points from solar energy.


Since demand charges and rates are always rising, Titan can assess your equipment to find where the highest energy demand comes from. For example, a large string of AC units that all turn on at the same time can “spike” your demand charges.  As a result, Titan will help you “peak shave” by shifting electric loads, and reduce the demand charges on your bills.


Due to Title 24 rules, all business owners are required to meet energy efficient standards. Some of the most effective solutions include: LED lighting, efficient equipment, and cool roofing. In sum, please contact us for a full energy assessment of your business, and we will find ways to save you money!


Titan provides Concord home improvement and solar solutions. Concord is located northeast of Berkeley, in the East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay Area. Since it is a major suburb, many residents commute to work. Residents can enjoy the Sunrise Mall, as well as the downtown La Purunga Plaza with its farmers market, free summer concerts, restaurants and park lands. As a result of improving your home, the comfort, cleanliness, and beauty of your home may increase. In addition, your home’s resale value may go up.

Since Titan offers A-Z construction services, high quality products and craftsmanship; we also offer excellent warranties.  Furthermore, we have over eight years in the business of custom home improvement and solar. Consequently, we are an “A” rated member of the Better Business Bureau.  In conclusion, Titan provides Concord home improvement and solar services for your home. Because Titan Solar Construction is a licensed General Contractor (Lic. 926965), we are skilled in home improvement, solar, and energy efficient solutions.  Finally, call Titan  today at 1-844-828-5606 for home improvement and solar!

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