In the bigger picture, mono panels are more suitable for installations where space is limited while poly is more appropriate for installations that do not have any space limitations. The most common types of silicon based solar panel are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.The disparity amidst these is in the way the silicon crystal that their cells were made was formed.


Monocrystalline uses the Czochralski process where the solar cells are made from a single silicon crystal which is ‘grown’. The mono panel can be distinguished by its smooth even black color and the unique appearance of its cut off edges. They also tend to be more efficient and somewhat costly when compared to the same sized poly panel. However, this makes them appropriately suited in installations where space is limited, for instance a small home rooftop.


Polycrystalline panels use cells that are made from silicon from various sources and cast into a single ingot. You can identify a poly panel by its ‘flaky’ blue appearance. Poly solar panels tend to be less efficient and more budget friendly than the same sized mono panel. For this reason, poly panels are beneficial when space is not an issue.