In developing countries most of the community is still not fully developed. Despite having an electricity grid or communication lines, the likelihood of them collapsing after floods, avalanches, mudslides, earthquakes or tsunamis are very high. That would also be the same case during heavy snow or torrential rains. In such events, utilizing solar power is a beneficial and efficient option.

Access to clean water, sanitation, food and the need to communicate for rescue are impossible to access in scenarios as the ones mentioned. It is in moments as these that we realize how important power is and how much we really need it.

By utilizing the sun you are able to have access to things that are needed for survival for instance, lighting and clean water.

We’ve gathered a list of 4 items that you would need for survival and only require exposure to light or direct sunlight. We should mention that these solar power gadgets would also be useful during camping trips where there isn’t access to electricity.

  1. Solar PV with Connector

Solar PV panels are available in several sizes including portables. There are several options for portable solar panels that are very convenient and sometimes lightweight. You can get 40 Watt foldable solar panels which can be stored in a small space or flexible thin film panels that can be rolled. By producing electricity through the PV panels and attaching them to the right power connector, you can charge cell phones.  It should be noted that PV panels only require light and do not require direct sunlight to work.

  1. Solar Shower Bags

Solar shower bags are very useful because they can produce warm water to help with cleansing and sanitation. These bags are most commonly used by campers and can be hung on a tree branch. The warm water can also act as a hot water bottle to provide pain relief or used for heat in cold temperatures.

  1. Solar Cookers

In many places, particularly in Africa, they provide women an alternative to fire based cooking in which they have to collect dry wood. Solar cookers are much more safer because they do not require fires and in turn are smoke-free. It should be noted that unlike PV based gadgets, solar cookers do require direct sunlight to work. Higher heat cookers eliminate many contaminants and breaks down raw food into a more digestible diet.

  1. Water Purification

Access to pure water is the most crucial necessity for survival. Water needs to have excessive dissolved salts removed and purified of contaminants. Salty water is not only bad for your health, but it can be dangerous if consumed, especially if salt levels are high. High levels of salt can affect the body’s electrolyte balance.