5 Factors in Choosing a Solar Company

It is very difficult to pick a solar company these days with so many options to choose from. Some people think the bigger the solar company the better the solar panel system is going to be.  Actually that is not true. Bigger isn’t always better. Bigger solar giants, have lower quality customer service and long install times. Meaning your solar system won’t be installed for over 6 months and when you call to find out why, customer service is extremely unhelpful. No one wants to be in that situation, where you were promised one thing and 6 months later you still don’t have it and there is no one helpful at the company you signed with to find out why or when your system is coming.


Titan Solar Construction is your solution to this issue. WE are big enough to get you the best discounts, but small enough to treat every one of our customers like they should be.


  1. Customer Service – You have to be able to call their customer service and get answers whenever you need them.
  2. Install Time – You don’t want to choose a company with 6 months Avg. install times – You want your system ASAP. 10 weeks max.
  3. Quality of Product – Don’t get such a good deal, that you end up with the cheapest lowest quality solar panel or you can’t maximize your savings.
  4. Best Deals and Incentives – Make sure your solar company is showing you the latest tax credits and incentives to go solar, instead of pushing their favorite solar lease option on you, just to make a sale.
  5. Your Best Interest – Does the company I am working with have my best interest in mind? Are they truly showing me all my options for financing and incentives to help me and the environment? Or are they just after my wallet, with a bunch of false promises, and bait and switch tactics.


Trust Titan Solar Construction to maximize your solar savings, and present you with all the financing options available. Titan Solar advisors will tell you which options will get you the most savings with the least headache. Whether you choose to Lease or buy your solar panel system, you can trust Titan Solar Construction to take care of your home (your main investment) and your new Solar Panel System ( your new investment).  Call one of our trusted solar advisors today to help get you into clean renewable energy, with savings right away, and lower your bills with fast install times. (888) 397-8818