As utility companies increase their rates, solar energy has become popular among homeowners. Homeowners are finding that there are several benefits of using renewable energy to power their home. Going solar provides so many advantages such as easy installation, tax credits and government incentives, lower energy costs, and most importantly clean power.

Easy Installation

Hiring qualified installers for your solar panels is beneficial to homeowners now as it has become quite affordable. Not only is it affordable, but it is also an easy and quick installation.

Tax Credits and Government Incentives

The Energy Policy Act provides homeowners who install solar panels and solar hot water on their roofs with tax credits. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 extended the tax credit programs making them available to homeowners until December 31, 2016. There are many rebate programs that have been created to allow people to choose solar power as their energy source. The Federal Tax Credit is one that is still available, but not for long.

Lower Energy Costs

As a homeowner with multiple expenses, worries of utility companies raising your rates is the last thing you need. Going solar you can use your own solar panels for energy. This drastically reduces your monthly utility bills and is guaranteed to keep your expenses according to your budget.

Clean Energy

Unlike other sources of energy, solar energy is durable, renewable and environmentally friendly.  Energy generated is solely from sun exposure and is free of toxins. Solar energy does not have side effects like those that are created from fossil fuels.

Titan Solar Can Help

Here at Titan Solar, we promise to provide our customers the best experience as we plan for your home or business project. Our certified solar technicians can make the process of going solar easy by informing you of all options available. We also take great pride in the product itself giving you the best in the market.  Start saving today with Titan Solar!