Wondering what the difference is between buying or leasing a solar power system for your home? Here at Titan Solar Construction we offer both options, and financing the purchase is also an option. If you are interested in going solar for $0 down and free installation, the Solar Lease is the easy way to get started with clean renewable energy at a more affordable price.

Purchasing a solar power system will maximize the return of the system. However, purchasing requires an initial investment upfront with the most savings over time. Leasing is $0 down and still offers substantial savings. The cost of a solar power system varies on size.  Rebates and solar energy tax credits can actually reduce the cost by up to 30 percent. The benefit of owning a solar energy system is that you do not pay a monthly solar payment. However buying means you have to maintain the system. Luckily, solar panel systems require very little maintenance, since they have no moving parts. Cleaning them once in a while is a good idea to maximize performance.  Purchasing or financing a solar system will give you greater savings over leasing in the long run.

Both are a great way to get into the solar game.  Start saving money using solar energy instead of paying the utility electric rates that keep going up every year.  Get a free home solar quote today and see how much your roof can save you. Free Home Solar Power Quote –  Try this Buying, Leasing, Financing Solar Power Calculator