Experts say it may be possible that El Niño could arrive by late January or early February. El Niño occurs every 3 to 6 years on average and sometimes it is a late bloomer. This means there is still more than enough time in the season for El Niño to provide some rainfall in California. February 1998, El Niño drenched Southern California with 14 inches of rain. So beware Californians as this storm is still expected to hit the state with great force.

What does this mean for homeowners? Take precautions for your home. This is much more important than you may think so.  It can become a greater expense if you don’t pay attention to any curled, missing, or broken roofing, and cracked, blistered or peeling paint. Water damage can be very costly and cause some health issues as a result from mold and mildew.

Potential roof damages vary from rot, insects, mold, mildew and electrical shorts. Damages that may arise if the exterior paint of your home is not ready to face El Niño are rot, insects, interior wall damage, mold, mildew and drafts.

If you are concerned about your home, we can advise you to help avoid headaches from water damages.