As we battle climate change worldwide, China takes matters into its own hands and begins combating CO2. We’ve all been witnessing the effects of climate change in recent weather through extreme heat and severe flooding around the world. Now, more than ever, climate change is becoming a state of emergency. The effects of it can and will harm the population if we don’t make efforts to eliminate or reduce our carbon footprint. What are we doing to help fight against climate change? Some countries are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

China has decided to cut down on its meat consumption by 50 percent because of the relationship it has with climate change to combat CO2. China consumes about 28 percent of the world’s meat, half the planet’s pork, and is the highest polluted country. Cutting back on its meat by half is going to be a challenge, but the benefits will be well worth it if the plan is successful. The country is aiming for residents to cut back on their consumption to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the livestock industry.

The health ministry estimated the 50 percent cut to be a savings of one billion tons of emissions by 2030. This is a huge number and anything we can do to help our planet is worth taking part of. Climate change affects everyone and we should all be involved in ways that would help eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.