In today’s modern world where climate change is increasing, we rely on vehicles to transport us from one place to another. We use cars to help us get to the new trendy restaurant that is just a few minutes into the city. We decide to taste test their most talked about hamburger because we hear it’s delicious! Nothing, but an innocent night out, right? Well, that eventful night out caused our planet harm by releasing emissions into the air. Both beef and car smog are guilty of harming our planet in radical ways, but would you be surprised if I said beef is actually worse? Yes, that’s right. Beef harms the planet far more than vehicles do because they release more greenhouse gases.

How is Beef Worse for Climate Change?

Although, cars are not good for the environment, meat production is far worse for the environment. Livestock emissions are responsible for 14.5 to 18 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. In the meantime, cars are emitting about 14 percent of emissions into the atmosphere. The difference between the two is that transportation emits carbon dioxide while livestock emits methane. Methane, is 23 times more potent when it comes to warming the planet. With livestock you have fertilizer and cow waste products that release methane. Then you have to take into account the process meat undergoes. Meat is transported in refrigerated trucks to slaughterhouses to processing centers and finally to your local grocery store.

Simply eating less meat will help reduce the amount of emissions that are released by livestock. Not only will it help reduce the damages our planet incurs, but you’ll save our furry friends. For this reason, many are considering vegan meals to not only enhance their health, but to heal the planet. I think we should follow in the steps of China and cut meat consumption in half. That article is listed right below for your reading pleasure.

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