Own Your Own Electric Power System this 4th of July Weekend

Imagine yourself relaxing in your beautiful home next to your loved ones this 4th of July weekend-without a worry in the world. No flex alerts, no imminent rolling black outs and no electric bills. Just you, your A/C and some nice cold drinks in the fridge.

You can have all that and more when you switch to solar with Titan Solar Construction. As energy costs continue to rise, we are doing our best to bring you QUALITY AMERICAN MADE solar panels at the lowest cost possible.

Declare your independence from the greedy utility companies and become energy self sufficient while doing your part in strengthening America’s security and prosperity. Join us in weening America away from foreign oil and the sociopolitical mess that comes with it.

Why TITAN SOLAR? Contact us now and experience our customized energy solutions, made possible by our extensive home improvement expertise and general contractor experience.

Amazing Independence Day Special!

Sign up for your new solar power system with TITAN SOLAR this 4th of July Weekend and get an UNBELIEVABLE DEAL.  5% OFF gross!

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