Kiss Your Gas Station Goodbye

The Immortus-Entirely Solar Powered Car


Even with an impressive driving range of 400 miles, there will be a time when you’ll have to plug in the Tesla Roadster – but there’s a new electric sports car hitting the market soon that may never need to be connected to a wall socket at all. Talk about ending range anxiety. Melbourne-based EVX Ventures has revealed details about a new electric sports car that can drive all day using nothing but the power of the sun. The Immortus is a two-seater electric car that can travel an unlimited distance on sunny days thanks to 75 sq ft. of solar photovoltaic paneling on its exterior.

Though very pricey, the Immortus will hopefully spark widespread creativity and competition which can drive costs down, as the VCR did in 1977. It was released at a cost of $1,280. That’s about $4,600 in inflation-adjusted dollars. If that were the case, imagine…..smog free, energy independent living and driving from the power of the sun. There is hope yet for us all.

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