El Paso Electric Cuts Ties from Four Corners

Last week, El Paso Electric announced they will be operating coal-free to provide its customers clean energy with solar power. El Paso Electric is the first utility to become coal-free in the regions of Texas and New Mexico.

Prior to becoming coal-free, El Paso Electric received its electricity from Four Corners – a coal-fired power plant. The Four Corners coal plant has held a reputation for being one of the largest sources guilty of carbon pollution. Four Corners has also polluted nitrogen oxides and sulfur impacting the health of indigenous communities.

Previously, the company owned a seven percent share of Four Corners, but has pulled out to commit to its new mission. The company seeks to no longer partner with the coal-fired plant.

The company estimates that it will be eliminating one billion pounds of carbon dioxide annually by simply cutting ties from Four Corners. They also estimate that working solely with solar power they will eliminate an additional one billion pounds of carbon dioxide.

The shift from coal to solar energy is a huge leap into achieving clean energy by 2025. There have been 238 coal-fired power plants nationwide that have retired from providing energy generated by coal. This goes to show that it is very possible to operate solely on clean energy. Not only are these companies who retired from coal-fired energy cutting back on carbon dioxide, but they are protecting our health. Companies who take initiative to help their customers are strong leaders who understand the consequences of coal-generated energy.

Hopefully, more companies start following in their steps to fight climate change with all our strength. If we all make efforts we can reverse the effects of climate change, but of course it will take some time.

You can find out more at ecowatch.com.