Facebook is taking technology to a whole new place with their internet-beaming drone. Facebook’s solar-powered drone embarked on its first flight on June 28 and lasted 96 minutes in air. The plan was to fly the drone for 30 minutes to collect data, but the flight was successful they allowed it to continue to fly. Facebook’s solar-powered drone has been in the works for the last two years. Facebook’s decision originated when they realized that less than half of the population still don’t have access to the internet. The company hopes to successfully connect everyone around the world through drones that provide internet signal. After much planning, CEO Mark Zuckerberg witnessed the powerful drone fly for the first time near Yuma, Arizona.

Facebook’s Solar-Powered Drone: Aquila

Aquila’s wingspan is wider than Boeing 737 and weighs slightly less under 1,000 lbs. The planes are designed to circle in a 60-mile radius and uses about  5,000 watts of electricity. The solar-powered drones can rise 60,000 feet above the ground, which is right above the clouds. The purpose for this is to ensure the drones gather plenty of solar energy to continue powering the plane. Facebook seeks to fly the drones months at a time so, the more sunlight exposure the better.

Zuckerberg remains highly optimistic in the solar-powered drone and seeks to be able to connect everyone around the world. This project goes to show just how powerful solar power can be. Utilizing the natural resources we already have to improve our lives says so much about its power. Take a second to think about how you would feel if you didn’t have access to the internet. First, you wouldn’t be able to read this informational article. Secondly, you wouldn’t be able to reach friends and family as quick as you do now without internet. So, to Mark Zuckerberg, we salute you for acting on your mission to connect people around the world by providing them with access to the internet. Facebook’s solar-powered drone is a brilliant idea.

Via inhabitat.com.