As previously mentioned in, “Ways Fracking Affects the Environment,” fracking contaminates drinking water and has been doing so for so many years. Water is quickly becoming a scarce resource and need it for survival. Several studies have been executed to examine groundwater and confirmed that fracking does contaminate drinking water supplies.

Fracking Contaminates Drinking Water

What happens during a fracking procedure is the water is pumped underground to break up shale at a great distance beneath the water table. The vertical pipes that carry gas upward are enclosed in cement to keep natural gas from leaking out along the well. However, studies imply that the failure of the cement used in the well is to blame for the natural gas that has leaked into aquifers.

Why should we be concerned about contaminated water? Drinking water that becomes contaminated is now hazardous because there are now chemicals that can be harmful if consumed. Essentially, contaminated water can cause several types of illnesses such as Typhoid, Dysentery, and Cholera to name a few. Millions of deaths have been reported as a result of consuming contaminated water.

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