Greenhouse gases (GHG) have become abundantly serious and are drastically affecting animals in the Arctic. Polar Bears are among those animals that are becoming extinct as GHG remains a primary threat.

Polar bears now face two main threats as prey disappears and the sea ice melts. As a result, the U.S. Endangered Species Act has labeled the polar bear a “globally threatened species” since 2008. The problem is that polar bears live on the sea ice, where they hunt for seals. When the ice melts, they are forced onto land, where they have trouble hunting.

There are several methods in which we can contribute to reduce GHG to protect our polar bears. The use of alternative energy sources are in fact one way to help. Switching to solar power you can help protect the environment and our polar bears. Because solar energy does not burn fossil fuels and is solely the power of the sun, it will reduce or seize GHG into the atmosphere.