The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) found Greenland’s ice melt to be well over 12 percent of its ice sheet. Greenland. This is a record-breaking ice melt and is considered the highest in history. The ice melt is happening earlier this year than expected, leaving scientists with concern about the future. Typical ice melt occurs between June to September leaving the ice melt in April to be very alarming. The second highest ice melt occurred in May 2010 with 10 percent of the ice sheet vanished.

The data collected seemed strange making scientists believe that there may be something wrong with the information. Scientists had to check the models to make sure they were working properly because the ice melt is so drastic. The reality is that climate change is dramatically affecting our environment. We need to start changing the way we live to save our planet and that means changing to clean alternatives. Solar power, recycling, carpooling, and limiting the time we spend in the shower are just some of the options we have to make a change. Let’s keep our planet alive.