As a solar power company we strive to enhance the conditions of our environment and that means more than just greenhouse gases. We value the world we live in and hope that everyone will join us on this journey especially during the holidays. You can still have a beautiful Christmas and be eco-friendly. We listed a few ideas to help you have a greener holiday.

  • Find a Potted Tree or Rent One – There are companies out there that will rent you a Christmas tree. They will deliver and pick up for you!
  • LED Holiday Lights – They use less electricity, don’t burn out or break, last longer and save you money and energy.
  • Gift Wrap Responsibly – Use fabric to wrap or make gift bags, reuse old paper maps, brown paper bags or reuse a gift box. You can also go earthy with natural twine instead of using bows.
  • Reusable, Not Disposable – Invest in holiday dishes, glassware, and cloth napkins that can be used every year.
  • Go Solar – Use natural energy to reduce waste or emissions as you decorate your home in beautiful Christmas lighting without harming the environment.

Let us know, what are your favorite eco-friendly ways to decorate for the holidays?