The U.S. Solar market needs your help. We are in the final hours of the push to get the ITC extended this year. Although we’d like to see an extension before years end, the opportunity is rapidly disappearing.

Congress is currently working on negotiating the terms of the tax code. This would be a significant win for our industry to bring both stability and opportunity for continued growth. Unfortunately, the possibility exists for a limited bill to pass, subsequently doing little to empower the U.S. solar industry.

Soligent, like all of you, is committed to doing everything possible to fight for this extension. We can’t do this without you. We need you to get involved today! We share the obligation to let members of Congress know that without an ITC extension and a credit to include a commence construction provision, your business and livelihood could likely be negatively impacted.

Your contribution matters, so please take action now to make a difference.