Honda’s plant in Columbus, Ohio will be investing $210 million into a paint facility to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions by 18 percent. With this investment, Honda will move closer to its global goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent.

Honda has already implemented green technologies throughout the factory to reduce the environmental impact of producing affordable vehicles. The new paint facility is a big step ahead in minimizing energy and resource usage, while still producing a high quality product.

Finding methods to cut energy use aren’t just a good idea, it is very important.

A major impact of the new paint line will be the elimination of water usage. Once the paint facility opens in December 2017, select models will be painted using the new process, giving them an enhanced appearance as well as an eco-boost.

Honda recognizes the importance of reducing resource usage on a larger scale, and the company is making efforts in hopes of reducing the footprint created by all those four-wheeled vehicles.