Enjoy a climate-friendly Thanksgiving this year by simply following these few steps. They will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Select Your Meat Wisely

You can eat less meat by choosing to go with a vegetarian alternative or if you must have meat look for a free-range organic option. The animals are fed grains or grasses that are organically grown and free of synthetic pesticides which require less fossil fuel energy. The USDA Organic label guarantees that the meat was not produced with pesticides, irradiation, hormones, antibiotics, or bioengineering. The Certified Humane label promises that the turkey was raised in humane conditions.

Eat Locally Grown

Find fresh local options when shopping for apples, squash, cabbage, cranberries, and pecans. You can visit your community’s farmers market to find these fresh produce. Eating local food also reduces the “food miles” necessary to get onto the table and fewer miles also means less greenhouse gas pollution.

Reduce Packaging

Select foods that have eco-friendly packaging. Overly packaged foods demand a lot of energy to produce. When done cooking, you should recycle packaging as best you can.

By following these few, but very simple steps you can have a climate-friendly Thanksgiving.

For more information, you can visit www.coolharvest.org.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!