Merely 24% of Sub-Saharan Africa Has Electricity

This Gifted Young Man Sees a Solar Power Solution

From Science.Mic

Siya Xuza, a Harvard educated South African, is the youngest member of the African Union-affiliated African 2.0 Energy Advisory Panel, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a global shaper. The NASA-affiliated Lincoln Laboratory even named a small planet “Siyaxuza (23182)” in his honor after his win at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

Despite his many accomplishments at a young age (he’s 26), Xuza remains focused on searching for solutions to the energy problems in Africa. Did you know that in sub-Saharan Africa, only 24% of the population has access to electricity, according to the World Bank. A lack of electricity keeps businesses from growing, clinics from storing medicine and people from getting around safely in their communities, to say the least.

Can you imagine? At this day and age,  a whopping 76% of the population does not have  basic necessities that we take for granted here in the USA. Things like a nice lamp to read at night or  safely stored and refrigerated food are stuff of dreams for a lot of people in other parts of the world.

Despite the financial and environmental benefits solar power has to offer for some of us, we are delighted to know that solar has the power to fundamentally improve the lives of wonderful people across the world. As Xuza said, “Our energy systems are largely controlled by utilities. In the future, affordable and efficient solar panels, combined with cheap storage systems, will turn homes into personal power plants.”

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