L.A. Department of Water and Power Wants to Raise an Additional $270 Million Per Year

If you are an LADWP customer you should expect another rate increase soon as their board seeks to raise money to pay for system improvements for both water and power usage. Their goal is $180 million per year for power alone, plus $90 million for water, according to KPCC radio. The planned power improvements include replacing thousands of power poles.

With another bout of flex alerts and looming rate hikes, California homeowners are starting to wise up and rise up against these never ending hits to their wallets. California continues to be the leading solar market in the United States. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, in 2014, California installed 4,316 MW of solar electric capacity, ranking it 1st nationally. An impressive 10,695 MW of solar energy currently installed in California ranks the state first in the country in installed solar capacity.

There is enough solar energy installed in the state to power 2,599,000 homes. That’s a promising good start but unfortunately not enough. With 13,790,495 housing units in California (as of 2013), that number represents a mere 19%.

One thing is certain. This will not be the last rate hike you’ll see. As the power grid ages it will require more maintenance and funding. Demand will continue to rise with population growth.

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