Let today be the day you make a change to help our planet stay green. As a community, we all need to participate in saving our beautiful planet. Here are a few super simple ideas on how we can all celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Attend an Earth Day fair: You will have the chance to eat locally grown food, test environmentally friendly products, and meet with people who are making a difference on our environment.
  2. Recycle: Clothes, used batteries, electronics, beverage containers, and paper are some of the things you can recycle.
  3. Plant a tree: Trees provide habitat and food for birds and other animals.
  4. Join an environmental group: One of the best ways to get involved and stay informed. You can make a donation or volunteer.
  5. Carpool: You can take the bus or find a friend who also takes the same route.
  6. Buy locally grown foods: Support your local farmers!
  7. Go paperless: Many bill-paying services offer the option to view your statements online. Take advantage!
  8. Change your lightbulbs: Turn in your incandescent lightbulbs for energy-saving fluorescents. They’re a lot more efficient than standard lightbulbs.
  9. Pick up litter: Join the community and clean up your neighborhood.
  10. Go Solar: Start using clean energy and stop paying fees for energy that creates pollution.

How will you be celebrating? Let us know!