Living Algae Lamps Produce Light, Heat, and Protein

While we are still working on those cool Star Trek food synthesizers, there is an exhibition at the  Museum of Contemporary Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that is producing light, heat, and protein. Spirulina as a lamp-imagine that!

The bright green microalgae is already a popular nutritional supplement sold in health food stores, and it’s often touted as a superfood. As much as half of its weight is comprised of protein, making it a super-efficient food source. According to its desiner,  “These living structures recycle light, heat, and carbon dioxide from buildings and their inhabitants into rich green biomass which can be consumed as sustenance, used as agricultural fertilizer, or converted to biofuel.”

The installation, housed at a converted mattress factory, demonstrates how these architectural pieces can be integrated into everyday life. Want to see more amazing pictures? Just click here to learn more.

At Titan Solar Construction, we celebrate all these wonderful wellness, environmental, and recycling efforts. Kudos to these cutting edge designers.