How to reduce your heating costs during the cold seasons

No matter where you live, the fall and winter seasons can get extremely chilly. Although oil and gas prices have fallen, it can still be very expensive to keep a warm house during the cold. Below are some tips that will help reduce your heating costs as the temperatures continue to drop.


According to, here are five strategies to reduce your heating cost:

  1. Turn down the thermostat – You can save six percent on your energy bill, if you simply turn down the thermostat by two degrees. This might mean you will have to bundle up a little when you’re at home. But if you want to save some money, wearing a long sleeve and sweat pants around the house shouldn’t be a big deal. Moreover, Smart Thermostats can make this an easier experience since these devices pick up on climate habits and behaviors around the house.
  2. Let the sun’s warmth enter your home – Windows and doors that face the sun all day can be used as solar collectors. Keep those curtains wide open and let the sunshine and warmth come in through those windows and doors on the south end of the house. Make sure to close them up at night so that you trap in the warm heat and keep out the night’s cold air.
  3. Exercise better control of where your heat is being delivered – For instance, if there is a guest room that is vacant, have a professional close or redirect those vents that aren’t being used.
  4. Keep heated air inside the house – Your heating system works hard to produce hot air, so make sure all that work is contained and maximized. It’s also important to ensure that all windows, doors, and leaks are properly sealed.
  5. Maintain and monitor your heating system – Heating systems need to be serviced regularly. Air ducts should be kept cleaned, vents should have an open unimpeded airflow.

Saving energy and bringing down your utility bill

There are many alternative strategies to keeping costs down throughout the year. It starts with a full examination of your home. It includes everything from the inspection of the perimeter to the insulation in between the walls of your home. Here is a list of areas worth examining for added savings:

  • Landscaping – if you have a luscious green lawn, you should consider replacing it with turf (synthetic grass) or converting it into drought tolerant (xeriscaping).
  • Water reservoirs – if you don’t have reservoirs to catch rainwater, go the your local hardware store and buy some big trash cans and a pump for water circulation. Use them to collect water that you can later use for your garden, lawn, etc.
  • LED Lights – LED lighting is a must for all houses, both outdoors and indoors,
  • Insulation – Most homes are insulated but if yours isn’t, that is probably the reason why your home is so cold in the winter and so hot in the summer.
  • Shower heads and faucets – replace your shower and faucet heads with water savers. A lot of the time, your utility company will give these out for free.
  • Solar Panels – if you haven’t gone solar yet, make sure you consider it. Going solar will bring down your utility bill to almost nothing. And at the same time, going solar also means going green.



Reducing your heating costs and saving energy can be simple. Consider taking the steps mentioned above so that you can capitalize on some of the savings that you may be foregoing. For big savings on projects like turf replacement, insulation, and solar panels call or message Titan Construction and Solar for a free quote! (844) 828-1351