In less than two weeks, Shell’s pipeline leaks devastating our environment. Shell managed to cause two oil spills in both the Gulf of Mexico and California’s Central Valley. The pipelines spilled a total of 111,000 gallons all together with 90,000 gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and 21,000 in California’s Central Valley. Shell claims to have repaired the pipelines, but were yet to resume operations. The cause of the leak is currently being investigated. According to the company drinking water resources have not been affected by the oil spill. However, officials in Shell decided to wait three days to release a statement of the incident which if you ask me, seems pretty suspicious. Oil spills are dangerous whether or not Shell claims no damage has been done to the environment. The community deserves to know immediately when incidents like these occur. It is the right of the community.

We all know that the more oil pipelines we have, the more oil spills we are going to see. These oil spills affect our environment and well-being so, why are we just learning about Shell’s big mess up? Did anyone know that there were two spills recently?

Let us know how you feel about Shell’s pipeline leaks.