Climate change is a serious issue that our planet is facing today. Still, almost 80 percent of the population is unsure about the effects it has on our planet and how it directly affects us in the long run. We may not see the damages immediately, but it is a serious matter that we need to acknowledge. As a community, we need to start taking charge of how this world runs to save our planet because not only does it have an impact on humanity; it has an influence on our animals, health, agriculture, weather, and the economy.

We can start helping our planet by making changes at home and choosing solar power to generate electricity versus fossil fuels. Utility companies use fossil fuels to produce electricity and are accountable for 80 percent of greenhouse gases. That is a huge number. We want to make changes happen to counter effect the damages that have occurred as a result of this.

So, let’s make a change today.

Let’s go solar.

Stay tuned to learn more about how climate change affects our health. In the meantime, check out, What is Climate Change?  And, How Will Climate Change Affect the Foods We Eat?