Did you know solar energy has been around since the 1800’s? In 1839, A.E. Becquerel, a physicist, discovered the photovoltaic effect, but it wasn’t until Charles Fritts that the first photovoltaic cell was created. Solar power had even greater historical moments in the 1950’s. The first photovoltaic cell that had the ability to convert sufficient solar radiation to electricity and power devices was developed during this era. This original solar cell had an efficiency of 4 percent.

Then there were photovoltaic cells for satellites in 1956. Meanwhile, the Vanguard I was the first to utilize solar energy  to power radios in 1958. From this moment on, solar power began to expand onto residential homes. During this time solar power systems were very pricey.

Today, new assortments of silicon have been developed broadening the uses for solar energy and making them more affordable and practical for residential use.

With that being said, now is definitely a great time to go solar! Contact us to see how affordable solar power can be for you.