As a solar homeowner you may be wondering what precautions you should be taking as El Niño gradually approaches California. You want to protect your rooftop solar panels especially with high winds, potential hail, and heavy rain. However, don’t worry! Solar panels are designed and installed to combat strong weather conditions.

Titan Solar Construction has sketched out a few steps for which you should be aware of to secure your panels are protected this winter season. It’s imperative to insure your house is as energy efficient as possible before the storm season.

  • Review your rooftop solar contract to determine if maintenance is covered if so, contact us with any questions ahead of time.
  • You’ll want to have our telephone number ready in case of an emergency.
  • If you suspect there may be leaks or weak spots on your roof don’t hesitate, call us! This is important in order to avoid skyward expenses after the storm.
  • In case of lightning, there are no risks when it comes to your solar panels.
  • Once the storm has ended you’ll want to check your panels for debris or leaves on the panels.