Solar panels surpass coal power generation in the United Kingdom. Solar panel renewable energy is gaining ground throughout the globe. The UK just reported generating nearly 7,000 gigawatt hours of electricity between April and September this year, all from solar. The sun is one of the biggest energy resources in our solar system. Solar is one of the cheapest forms of power, many nations are capitalizing on this free source.

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UK Solar

This was a milestone for the UK in terms of their renewable energy initiatives. It was the first time that solar panels surpass coal for the British. UK hopes that the trend continues. However, solar progress is facing significant government cuts, not to mention lack of sunshine and increased demand for heating and lighting during the winter months. Moreover, scientist have found that “adding a salt to vermiculite enables it to store vast amounts of heat for months.” This is still a work in progress but it does offer a potential solution for storing solar energy during the winter months.

Many nations in Europe are becoming less dependent on coal

Other European countries are enjoying the fruits of renewable energy as well. For instance last week, Germany produced so much renewable energy, customers were paid to consume electricity. It sounds absurd but its true. A combination hydroelectric power plants, and good weather for solar and wind caused the price of power to plummet., essentially, going negative and overwhelming the grid with too much electricity. Having too much renewable energy on the grid seems like a nice problem to have. Nonetheless, all that energy means nothing if it isn’t consumed or stored away for future consumption.

For now, the UK is enjoying a dramatic turnaround in electricity generation. According to the Renewable Energy Associatioin, “Solar overtaking coal this summer would be largely unthinkable five years ago.” More than 750,000 homes are generating their own energy from the sun. If the government can reach an agreement aiding solar initiatives, Britain plans to eliminate coal as their viable source of energy.

Solar panels surpass coal

Solar and Wind Renewables in Europe