How Solar Can Help Power Nepal’s Relief and Recovery Efforts

On May 12, 2015, a second major earthquake struck eastern Nepal. I has been less than three weeks since the country was devastated by a quake that claimed over 8,000 lives. Today, forty-two people have been killed and over a thousand have been seriously hurt. In a country with limited resources and lack of infrastructure, anything you can do will help.

Imagine living in austere conditions, in the dark, hungry, afraid, and with no means of communication. Losing your home and not having the resources to power basic necessities such as a stove or a phone. With most of your country reeling from a disastrous earthquake and with the growing scarcity of traditional fuels, relief workers can count on an important ally – solar power.

A variety of inspiring organizations have been working feverishly to provide aid and much needed alternative power in the form of solar.

According to the Huffington Post, Much of the world’s current disaster relief infrastructure still relies on gasoline and diesel generators. “The fossil fuel alternatives are expensive, and in tight displaced communities, kerosene and candles can be a real fire danger,” says Alyssa Newman who is part of the Rebuild with Sun team. Rebuild With Sun is raising funds to provide relief and rebuild in Nepal for a clean-powered future. Diesel generators can also be dangerous if used improperly, and are loud, have fumes and require a steady supply of fuel to keep running, which is another hurdle in post-disaster areas.

Solar systems provide an alternative or a complement to traditional power sources, but it’s just one component of a much larger relief effort. Learn more about the difference solar power is making in Nepal’s relief effort here.

How Can You Help Power Nepal’s Relief and Recovery Efforts

Aside from taking a moment to reflect on those men, women, and children that are suffering and are in need in Nepal, you can make a huge difference by contributing to a multitude of organizations that are directly involved in relief and rescue efforts. Skip a cup of coffee today and help those in dire need. Look to trusted organizations such as the red cross, local charities, or others on the web. Or learn about the organizations below to see what a difference you can make today. Don’t stop here, there are many, many more.