A researcher from University of Alberta developed a solar power oxygen system that helps children in Uganda who are dealing with pneumonia when resources are not available, such as energy and cylinders. Dr. Michael Hawkes, creator of the solar-powered oxygen system, seeks to help kids that suffer from severe pneumonia regain health with compressed oxygen. Solar power saves lives of children giving their parents peace of mind knowing their child is once again healthy.

Dr. Hawkes has witnessed multiple electricity outages in the hospitals he works that make it difficult to power the tools that help keep children alive. As a result, he developed the solar-powered oxygen system that is made out of local materials.

How Solar Power Saves Lives

The solar-powered oxygen system utilizes the sun and air to treat children. The compressed oxygen helps overcome a problem with oxygen exchange caused by the lung infection. Almost a million children die from pneumonia each year, especially in underdeveloped countries because they lack the resources to help them. With this system, Dr. Hawkes is able to help children and save their precious lives.

Dr. Hawkes says the most gratifying feeling is saving the life of these children that he encounters suffering from pneumonia. To keep saving the lives of children, he’s received funds from Grand Challenges Canada.

They have conducted a randomized controlled test on 28 children that has proven the solar-powered oxygen system to work effectively. He is now working with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in hopes to expand the system into 80 hospitals.

Think of how many children the solar-powered system can save if it is expanded into more hospitals. Every area has its challenges, but the outcome is the same, saving the lives of innocent children with innovative technology.

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