Incredible Solar Powered Device Converts Water Out of Thin Air

An Industrial Design student from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria has developed Fontus, a solar powered self-filling water bottle for your bicycle. This device collects the moisture contained in the air, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water.

Powered by solar cells, the Fontus can harvest up to 16 ounces of water in about an hour under the right conditions. The Solar panels generate electricity that cools the top of the device (where air comes in as you ride). As the moisture from the atmosphere condenses, this cool gadget drips water into a bottle below. The bottom stays warm, but that only accelerates the condensation process above.

Healthy-minded cyclists and renewable energy gurus have cause to rejoice with this awesome device. With some customization, a hostĀ of uses and benefits can surely be applied in the future. Read more here.