Meet the WaterNest

Designed by renowned Italian architect Giancarlo Zema, the WaterNest 100 is an eco-friendly floating housing unit. The 100 square meter residential units are made of up to 98% recycled materials; including the laminate timber and aluminum hull. Skylights, balconies and large windows encircle the dwelling, allowing for efficient lighting and beautiful waterfront views. 60 sqm of photovoltaic panels embedded in the rooftop provide up to 4 kWp of internal electricity. A sophisticated system of natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning classifies it as a low-consumption residential habitat.

The units can be positioned along rivers, lakes, bays, atolls and calm sea areas. The interiors are warm and welcoming, and include a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The 12m diameter circular layout can be configured as a house (1 to 4 people), office, lounge bar, restaurant , shop, or exhibition space.

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