Off Grid Cooking Tool Helping Those in Developing Countries


At Titan Solar we embrace #cleanenergy and we celebrate the ingenious accomplishments that the eco/green/renewable energy community continues to deliver. Especially those innovations that serve the underprivileged while reducing our carbon footprint and saving our environment. One simple yet clever example is the solar oven.

Solar ovens are long-lasting, zero-emission cooking tools that use no fuel – making them perfect for both off-the-grid cooking and developing countries that don’t have access to a reliable grid to begin with. In an effort to get healthy, well-cooked food to these nations, the American SunOven company has put together a series of initiatives that will work with governments and non governmental organizations to bring this ingenious technology to the people that need it the most.  By setting up local SunOven assembly plants, SunOven will be able to cutting the cost of the ovens by half, provide local jobs, and help reduce deforestation and actually help to heal the environment by allowing villages to re-grow their trees without the need to chop them back down again for fuel.

As an added value, this solar oven can make your off-the-grid life a bit more pleasant. Whether you want to add another tool to your zombie apocalypse survival kit or want to amaze your kids by baking some yummy cookies on your next camping trip, the solar powered oven has you covered.

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