Inner Harbor received a makeover when the Baltimore nonprofit installed a “water wheel trash interceptor,” also known as Mr. Trash Wheel, to clean it up. The wheel is powered by solar panels and water currents, and has the ability to pick up a lot of trash from the harbor in less than two years. The wheel is valued at $750,000 and has removed over 350 tons of litter from the landmark. Among the items that were cleaned up were about 80,000 plastic bottles, slightly more than 90,000 foam containers, 36,000 plastic shopping bags, 66,000 snack bags and 4 million cigarette butts.  This is one mighty machine that has the ability to collect 50,000 pounds of trash per day. As mentioned earlier, the wheel is maneuvered by the current from Jones Falls River, which turns the wheel and lifts trash from the water into a dumpster barge. The solar panels allow for the wheel to keep moving when the water current isn’t enough.

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