A big “Thank You” to Amy Foell for her exemplary devotion to the Multiple Sclerosis Society and for completing the arduous 26 miles and 385 yards of the LA Marathon this past Sunday, March 15th and allowing Titan Solar Construction participate in this heartwarming endeavor.

Thanks to this important partnership between Amy and Titan Solar, which donated matching contributions, the Multiple Sclerosis Society ‪#‎multiplesclerosis‬has a new substantial and additional contribution to be used towards effective treatments, programs and research for a cure.

According to Amy, “The marathon was hot (average temperature 90 degrees) and at times felt never ending (26.2 miles), but totally worth everything in order to help out fellow human beings struggling on this planet. Collectively we made such a positive impact-raising awareness and money!”

At Titan solar, we are proud of the social responsibility efforts exhibited by our leadership.