Check Out Our Quality Craftsmanship On This Recent Solar Power Installation

In many cases, a home represents the culmination of years or decades of hard work, planning, and determination. That special place where your children will or have happily grown up in. That refuge where you and your spouse have made dreams a reality. In short, home really is where the heart is. At Titan Solar we recognize your pride and joy and we do our best to bring you that quality workmanship that your family and your home deserve.

We are not just a solar company. We are a full-fledged contractor with an extensive home improvement background that can provide customized solutions. When others say they can’t, we say we will.

If you have concerns about the way your solar installation will affect the overall look and feel of your home, with Titan Solar you don’t have to. This exclusive home in Encino, California is a perfect example. The beautiful décor and architecture was complemented by our expert installation. Check out this gorgeous home and the quality work from our solar power and construction profesionals.