Volunteers from Engineers Without Borders designed a classroom on wheels for students of Kadapakkam, East Coast Road. What makes this classroom special is that it includes solar panels to ensure that it is powered. The interior was also designed to be ergonomic so that the children have a pleasant learning experience. The bus launched last month in Kadapakkam and has already had quite a successful month. Over 10 schools have been able to utilize the classroom on wheels, which runs solely on solar power. It also includes a battery backup to make sure it functions at night.

Around 18 student volunteers, guided by engineering professionals and experts, were involved in the project. The EWB team worked alongside of a non-profit organisation, The East West Foundation of India, to develop and construct a bus that would travel around rural India to complement the education of students. EWB is a foundation that helps engineer students and professionals get together and develop socially responsible engineering solutions to everyday problems.

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