Fracking affects the environment and runs several risks on it advancing the effects of climate change. Some concerns that arise from fracking are the contamination of water, methane and air pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals, gas explosion blowouts, waste disposal, fracking-induced earthquakes, workplace safety, and infrastructure degradation. Fracking is controversial because of the amount of natural resources it uses to perform its process, and most importantly because of the adverse effects it has on the air, water and soil where fracking takes place.

It has become a money making scheme for energy companies, a brutal destroyer of limited natural resources that we depend on, and an unfortunate recent trend that will lead to tremendous social imbalance. We must unite and put a stop to fracking by direct action, ban fracking in our cities and use clean energy before it exhausts everything we have and too late do anything about it.

Fracking affects the environment and hurts everyone. It will take effort from all of us to put an end to it for good.

Stay tuned for our fracking series as we go into detail about each of the risks our environment faces when fracking is performed. These are all nothing, but good reasons to switch to solar power. Let’s save our planet because it’s our home.