So, you’re in the process of installing a solar power system on your home, but you’re wondering what happens to that electric bill once you have solar panels on your roof?

When you install a solar power system on your home it is connected to your local utility company. Here, your energy use determines how much you will save.

Once the system is turned on and generating electricity, you will find that you owe less or even earn energy credit when you generate more than you use. In situations where you use more than your system generates, you could owe the utility company more. Examples of this are leaving the AC or lights on when they are not in use.

When we look at the overall picture, electricity costs will be lower with solar power; however, as seasons change your savings can vary month-to-month. During the summer you will earn more energy credits as a result of longer and sunnier days.

Essentially, your utility bill can be completely eliminated when your solar energy system generates more than you need to power your home.