Women are leading projects in the solar energy sector to help provide energy to those who lack the service and to provide knowledge to others.

Solar Sister

This organization is led by women to empower women. The enterprise works towards defeating the scarcity of energy by creating a woman-centered direct sales network that transports clean energy technology to a few of the poorest and isolated communities in Africa. The women buy solar powered lamps and clean cook stoves from other women to use and sell in their own communities. As a result, their income is supplemented and are given light that does not involve inhaling toxic fumes.

The Barefoot College

The Barefoot College in Rajasthan instructs older Indian women to become solar engineers and allows them to raise their social standing and influence in their communities. They are known as Solar Grannies and demand respect for their knowledge, and for bringing access to light in their communities. The women complete a six-month training course before returning to their homes equipped with screwdrivers, batteries, circuit boards, and light bulbs.