Commercial Solar Services

Titan offers commercial solar services throughout the state.  Since we are a leading solar energy installer and licensed General Contractor, we offer a wide array of energy saving products. Not every one of our commercial clients needs to go solar. Quite often, something a simple as a cool roof system or new HVAC installation will reduce a customer’s utility costs by as much as 60%. Coupled with an aggressive ROI and financing options, we’re able to offer turnkey solutions that make it simple and easy to save energy. With solar, you can hedge against future rate hikes.  In sum, Titan is ready to meet all your company’s needs green energy needs. Therefore, call Titan today for commercial solar services.  See what we can do to help your company reach energy independence. FREE COMMERCIAL SOLAR QUOTE – CLICK HERE

Solar Carports

Solar carports are an excellent option when thinking about installing a solar energy system. In addition to providing lower cost energy, solar carports also provide shade and protection from the sun and inclement weather. Consequently, employees and customers alike will show appreciation for the shade over their cars.  Solar carports can be installed on the ground, parking lots, driveways, and parking garages.  Furthermore, the carports can be upgraded with LED lighting, decking, and custom paint finishes. Click here for more info on solar carports.

Rooftop Solar Systems

Are you paying too much on your electric bills? A new solar electric system on your rooftop will cut your electric bill, and hedge against future rate hikes. We install only high quality solar modules with excellent warranties. In addition, you can combine a new solar system with LED lighting, or a new “cool roof” for even more energy savings.

Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

Titan installs ground mounted solar electric systems. Ground mounted systems work best on flat ground where space is not a premium, such as colleges, government agencies, and in rural areas.

LED Lighting

Titan can replace your old lights for new, energy efficient LED lights, which can save your business up to 20% off your electric bill every month. For example, the Phillips LED lamp (in photo to the left) replaces a fluorescent lamp; it also provides up to 41% energy savings, contains no mercury, and emits no flicker or buzz.  Incredibly, a standard fluorescent light will last typically up to 10,000 hours, whereas, this particular LED lamp lasts 50,000 hours. In conclusion, LED lighting can provide your business with substantial savings, as a result of fewer replacements. Click here for more info on commercial LED lighting.

Title 24 Cool Roof & Energy Efficient Equipment

Titan will replace your old roof with a Title 24 approved cool roof. Cool roofing can cut your energy costs due to the reflectence in the roofing material or coating, which collects less heat than a normal roof would.  Consequently, the need for air conditioning inside the building is reduced. In addition, we can replace your old HVAC equipment (water heater, furnace, AC units) with new, energy efficient units, which reduces energy costs.  Also, many utility companies offer rebates for energy efficient solutions. Furthermore, we offer a commercial energy audit to identify areas where your building is losing energy, and therefore, money. Click here for more information on commercial cool roofing.