Since concrete is no longer reserved for commercial uses; it can also be used in the home for floors, walls, pathways, and driveways. In addition to the standard concrete driveway and garage floor, it can also be polished to a beautiful sheen with a rock-like appearance, and used for details like a kitchen sink or a garden bench. Furthermore, concrete can be colored with pigments that are added to the mixture before curing, so it can turn out any color desired. Because polished concrete floors and counter tops are usually less expensive than natural stone or wood, choose it instead. In addition, concrete is not as easily scratched, chipped, or broken.  Therefore, it is a terrific flooring material for those with allergies, as it is easy to clean of dust and dirt; it doesn’t harbor bacteria, mildew and toxic adhesives like carpets do. Finally, polished concrete floors are bright, clean, and reflect light, which reduces the need for lighting.  In conclusion, it’s also possible to produce a terrazzo look by grinding through the top few layers to expose the aggregate.



So polished concrete floors in the garage, are a much lower cost option, because all you have to do is sand, polish, and seal the existing surface.  In addition, polished floors can be mopped with soapy water on a weekly basis to clean them (a tip, install a baseboard). Since every type of aggregate has a different mixture of rock, the colors that come out of the polishing process are as unique as they are beautiful.  Finally, for a truly stunning look, chose an epoxy coating for a brilliant, deep shine.


You can choose concrete counter tops that have a polished, shiny look, or a matte, muted look. Due to the addition of dyes during the curing process, these counter tops come in virtually any color you could desire.  Since the aggregate material has the look of stone, it can be quite beautiful. In addition, a high-gloss sealer can be applied for a mirror-like look.  Due to it’s durability, these counter tops can last a lifetime.


Another unusual but beautiful option, is to choose concrete walls.  As a result of polishing, the concrete has a stylish, modern look that is quite versatile.  Therefore, if your walls are already poured concrete, you can tear off the siding, and refinish the surface for a natural stone look.  Another way to get ideas for your concrete wall is to click the link here.


So probably one of the most common uses of concrete in the home, is for walkways and pavers, to define planter beds and entryways.  Because concrete is less expensive than other materials, yet functional and practical, use it for walkways from your driveway to the door, to your backyard patio, and to garden beds.  In addition, pavers come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes.


While concrete driveways are always a favorite, you can chose to upgrade with “stamped” impressions. Therefore, you can choose a pattern that is stamped into the wet aggregate, which makes it look like natural stone. Furthermore, you can chose to place an impression on a single concrete tile with your family name, the year you moved in, or an special word or quote.  In addition, you can also apply a texture for slip resistance during wet weather.