Since adding a deck to your home provides increased outdoor living space, it also adds resale value.  When it’s warm and sunny, a deck is a wonderful place to relax, read, and even work remotely.  Therefore, choose to install a new deck, which will be a terrific gathering place for family and friends.  In addition, a new deck can also offer a hot tub, fire pit, arbor, gazebo, trellis, canopy, garden planters, a bar, and a BBQ grilling area.  Another reason to install a deck (or paved walkways), is to prevent dust and dirt from being tracked into the house.  Furthermore, if your deck is built off the ground, it can provide additional storage area underneath.  However, be careful to design proper drainage so water runoff won’t funnel into the house foundation or basement.  Because outdoor furniture is typically larger than indoor furniture, the size of the deck should be a bit larger than interior rooms. Finally, decking choices range from natural stained wood like Redwood and Cedar, to composite like Trex, etc. In conclusion, when you design your deck, plan to complement the existing shape of your home, and perhaps stain the deck the same color as the shutters or trim.  So click the link here and get ideas for your new deck.



While most pressure treated lumber is milled from Douglas Fir, and Southern Yellow Pine, it is and also then chemically treated to resist rot, fungus, and wood-boring bugs. Yet although it is an economical choice, it also may crack, split and warp. In addition, you need to power wash and apply stain or wood preservative every few years. Finally, when properly cared for, this type of wood can last for decades.


Due to the rich color, beauty, and aroma, many people choose Redwood or Cedar wood decking.  Since the wood contains naturally-occurring tannin and oils; therefore, the wood is resistant to rot, decay and voracious insects (termites).  Furthermore, this kind of wood means you have to power wash it every year, and apply a water resistant stain every few years. Finally, a Redwood or Cedar deck can last for 15 – 20 years.


Composite decking (i.e. Trex) is manufactured from a mixture of wood fibers and recycled polyethylene. Also, it comes in a wide variety of colors.  Another benefit is that composite decking is very weather and stain resistant. As a result of its plastic make up, the composite doesn’t splinter, warp, rot or split.  Click the link here, and get ideas for your new composite deck.


Vinyl roofing is made of 100% plastic PVC. Also, it is durable, and available in a wide variety of colors (white, grey, brown, tan).  Since it is made from plastic, it is maintenance-free, and will last a good 25 years or more.


Since an outdoor balcony is usually attached to the second floor of the home, you can also install a sliding glass door or French doors leading out to the balcony. As a result, you can add more daylight to the interior of the home. Because people like privacy, installing a second floor balcony could be a better choice than a deck at ground level.  Finally, your new balcony can also be a safe place to enjoy relaxing, bird watching, or grilling (without being bothered by neighbors or rodents).