So if your existing doors are warped, scratched, dented, or damaged, maybe it’s time to get new ones? Exterior doors are typically made of steel, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum/vinyl clad.  Since doors can be a source of heat or AC-cooled air loss; therefore, add weather stripping, or a storm door, to save money on energy bills.  Maybe you want to replace a hodgepodge of doors, with one consistent type, to improve the visual flow and cohesion of your home? Interior door types include: solid wood (good for noise reduction), fire resistant (more time to escape a fire, a good choice for bedrooms), and pocket doors (that slide into walls, a good choice for small rooms).  Finally, to give the whole room a face lift, add crown molding to the trim, and give the doors a new coat of paint.  In conclusion, click the link here, and also get more ideas.



Since the entry door of your home is the first impression your visitors will receive, you can replace it with a new one for immediate curb appeal. Furthermore, you can match the color of the entry door to the trim, siding, and shutters of the home.  So for a more grand look, you can add glass panels on either side or the top of the door, for a more grand look.  Finally, entry doors are made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, and usually come already insulated and weatherstripped. In conclusion, click the link here, and also get more ideas.


Another way to view or access your backyard, patio or deck, is to install a sliding glass door.  In addition, you can bring in a flood of natural day light into the home, because they slide horizontally to open and close.  Also, they provide better access to move large objects in and out of the home. Furthermore, they provide increased safety for watching children play outdoors, and provide clear views of the garden. Finally, you can enjoy all these benefits, while keeping the weather and elements outside. In conclusion, click the link here and also get more ideas.


Probably the most romantic are the French doors, since they are double hinged, and open outward or inward with full access. Almost nothing is more romantic than opening your french doors to behold a glorious sunset, and then stepping out onto your patio which is surrounded by a backyard garden. In addition, they can also be installed inside the home to access an office, kitchen, or den area.  They are made of fiberglass, steel, or glass panels. In conclusion, click the link here and also get more ideas.


Because multi panel sliding doors have more than one panel that folds, slides, stacks, or pockets, they are similar to sliding glass, but not the same. As a result, the wide door opening creates clear views, and gives the sense of seamless indoor-outdoor living. So click the link here, and also get more ideas.


Maybe it’s time to replace a damaged or out-of-alignment interior door? Since they come in a wide variety of styles, it is also fairly easy to find doors that match the style of your home. So these different styles include: solid wood, or hollow center, bi-fold, fire resistant, accordion, French, and pocket styles.  In conclusion, click the link here and also get more ideas.


Since custom doors are typically more expensive, they can be used in the front of the house to provide a grand entrance, or as interior doors to provide a focal point. Furthermore, they also come in a wide range of sizes and materials including: wood, fiberglass, glass, metal, and wrought iron.  Click the link here, and also get more ideas for your new custom doors.


Due to fears of home invasion, many homeowners are investing in security doors more and more frequently. As a result, these doors which used to look clunky and ugly, have taken on a new refinement. Since security doors are typically made of metal (steel, iron, aluminum), they are attached to the outside of existing doors, to provide peace of mind.  In conclusion, click the link here and also get more ideas.


While it’s common knowledge that doors are a source of heat escape during winter, and AC-cooled air escape during summer, there are energy efficient solutions. Therefore, consider adding an secondary “storm” door on the outside of your existing one, which adds an air pocket for insulation and a tighter seal. So in the summer time it will keep out the hot air and keep in the AC-cooled air. In addition, in the winter time, it will keep out the cold air, and keep in the heat.  Furthermore, most new steel and fiberglass doors already have built-in foam insulation and weather stripping.  In conclusion, click the link here and also get more ideas.