First of all, replacing old and faulty wiring, is essential to preventing potential fires.  In addition, wiring problems can cause power outages due to short circuits, fire and shock hazards, and property damage. Almost all deaths due to electric shock and house fires, is a result of severely faulty wiring. Therefore, it’s best to learn the warning signs and hence protect your safety, and the safety of your family.  Furthermore, these warning signs include: a mild shock when touching an appliance, a sparking outlet, and hot bulbs. Also, warning signs include: lights dimming or turning on and off, outlets going dead, and heated wall around light switch or fixtures.  Finally, more warning signs are: water around wiring, lights burning out frequently, and power outages or power surges. Most important, please understand that even if the main breaker is shut off, electric current is still entering the panel. Another tip, never replace a circuit breaker or fuse with a higher rated one, because this can cause a fire. Most of all, if you smell a burning odor, turn the electric system off at the main panel right away.  In conclusion, call us for skilled repair on even the toughest problems.



Since there are many causes of lighting problems, you can call us for help.  Maybe your lights are flickering, blinking, or turning off and then on again? If so, you may have one of several problems: a main wire connection issue, the wrong style of bulb, or wall board that is too close to the light fixture.


If one or more wall outlets are going dead, there is more than one cause to this problem. Therefore, a dead wall outlet is either: a bad connection along a circuit, a tripped ground fault, or loose wiring connections into the outlet plug.


Since there are many causes for a circuit breaker trip that won’t reset, call the experts to find out what the problem is.  So, the most common causes of a circuit breaker trip are: blown out fuses, or plug-in household items that have a short.


So you should replace your circuit breaker box, if your circuit breakers are old trip often. Therefore, if you replace the main panel, it increases safety, and performance.  Another tip is to upgrade to a higher amp system, that can handle modern high wattage plug in tools such as hair dryers, microwaves, and clothes dryers.


Since your light switches may be wrongly installed if they are too warm to the touch, or have stopped working, you should repair them right away.


First of all, if your house is more than 50 years old with original wiring, you may need a whole house re-wire.  Because old aluminum wiring is softer than copper, it is easily nicked, cut or crushed. As a result, the damaged wires cause local hot spots and over heating, flickering lights, warm cover plates on switches, and burned walls.  In addition, this type of wire expands more than copper wire does when it heats up, and therefore this can cause the wire to creep out from under terminal screws.  Hence, can it can cause loose connections and over heating.  Also, when the wire rusts due to old age, it can inhibit connections.

Another reason you may need a whole house rewire, is if your light switches are charred. Since charred light switches can be caused by faulty wiring and loose connections, they need to be replaced right away.  Furthermore, the outlet can arc and make a small, short-lived mini fire that chars the outlet’s surface, and creates a fire hazard.  Therefore, if you smell an acrid burning odor around the outlets, wiring or fixtures, call us for help right away. Since fires can start inside the walls due to wiring problems, they can burn walls, drywall, wood, and can burn the entire house down; they are very dangerous. In conclusion, if you have any of the problems listed above, turn off the circuit breaker and call us for help.