fence and gate


Since a new fence and gate makes your home more secure; it will also provide you with peace of mind. As a result of your concerns about trouble with neighbors, the safety of your children while playing outside, or a pet running off, fencing is a good choice.  Another tip, first check your city zoning office (or HOA) to make sure there are no fence and gate restrictions in your neighborhood.  In addition, there are many other benefits to building a fence and gate on your property. So other benefits include:  more privacy, and noise reduction from nearby traffic and neighbors.   Since there are many types of fences ranging from wood to lightweight metal, iron, and vinyl, chose carefully.  Also, some fences need more care, like a wood fence, that has to be stained or painted to prevent rot. Finally, some need less care, like vinyl, which can last for decades without much damage.  In conclusion, if you’re going to build a fence around the edge of your property – you will also need a gate for vehicle access.



So, this type of fence and gate is lighter weight than iron, but not as sturdy.  Therefore, in areas of high wind and potential tree falls, this type of fencing is not a good option.  Because the paint is powder coated to the metal, it doesn’t require as much care as a wood or iron fence.


Because a wood fence can last the lifetime of your home, it should be properly maintained with stain or water proof paint.  Since it is such a popular option, there are many styles of wood fences. Therefore, the styles range from a white picket fence, to tall privacy or noise cancelling fences, and livestock fences.


Due to the rust that can grow on iron, it does require sanding and repainting every few years. Another benefit is that iron is extremely strong and durable.


Since most homeowners are busy, the benefit of vinyl fencing is that it is flexible, easy to clean, and doesn’t need repainting.  Also, vinyl fencing can withstand harsh weather, and can last the lifetime of your home.


Opposite to the look of an iron fence, rather, bamboo fencing offers a tropical, or zen garden look.  So, there are three styles of bamboo fencing: live bamboo, bamboo cane and rolled bamboo. Hence, rolled bamboo and bamboo cane, link bamboo poles together,  which is a bit sturdier. Finally, live bamboo is also called a “living fence,” which refers to the fact that bamboo can grow up to a foot a year.  As a result, live bamboo can be considered an invasive species because spreads out into a forest quite rapidly.


Because most livestock and horse fencing is meant to keep large animals from escaping the property, you need a lot of fencing.  Therefore, farm fencing is typically made from wood post and beam, which is less costly than other options.


Since chain link fencing is less expensive than other options, it is quite popular. Also, it is durable, and needs little care if it is galvanized (hot dipped).  Hence, if the metal is not galvanized, it will rust.  Because chain link fences are see-through, you may want to increase privacy by planting shrubbery, flowers, or vines on the outside of the chain link fence.


Since there are many types of secure fencing, contact us for the best choice.  Because secure fencing is typically made out of chain link, it often requires added measures like a barbed wire top, and an electric current.  Another type of fence will keep your dogs secure. Since most people want fence free curb appeal, therefore, the fence is invisible. Hence, this type of pet fence involves burying a wire in a trench dug along the edge of the property, a wireless transmitter that activates the wire, and a shock collar on the dog.