Whether you want a full outdoor living space in your yard complete with deck, patio, flower beds, pond, or you want a drought tolerant landscape that requires little to no watering, or a full artificial turf lawn, Titan can assist you from initial design through installation.  Titan’s landscaping experts can assist you in designing your dream front or backyard landscape, with time tested, and proven, landscape design.  A garden is a place that is “enclosed” by nature, where the landscape design elements are geometrically aligned for beauty and cohesion.  Our landscapers have knowledge of many types of trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground cover, how big the plants grow, and what environment they grow best in.  Titan also provides hardscape design, to help you envision how a new outdoor living area would look in your landscape, and then install it for you.  Titan provides full landscaping services for front and back yards, including:  elevated steps, retaining wall, floral winding path, archway, flower beds, herbaceous border, pathway, pool, new grass lawn, turf, eco-landscape, pergola, greenhouse, deck, patio, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, water/ fire feature, pond, raised garden beds with drip irrigation, edible landscape, bee or bird garden, and flowering vines on trellis.



Outdoor living spaces extend your living space square footage to your yard area, where you can enjoy a new deck/patio with outdoor grill and entertainment space, a relaxing garden space with water feature, a hot tub, a backyard tiny house, a studio, or a new guest house. Whatever you can dream of, Titan can help you design, and install it.


From underground PVC piping for grass lawn sprinkler irrigation, to laying drip lines for water-conserving irrigation of garden beds, Titan can install all your irrigation needs.


Southern California is blessed with year round sunshine, and good soils, which is heaven for anyone wanting to grow their own food.  Your edible landscape can include fruit trees, berry bushes, vertical garden beds, raised beds, composting, worm composting, mulching, drip irrigation, chicken coop, honey bee hives, and more.  Have you heard of the urban homestead in Pasadena that grows 90% of its fruits and vegetables for a family of four on a tenth of an acre?


Ponds and water features like streams and fountains provide a relaxing environment to enjoy your backyard.  The sound of running water can mask the sound of traffic and noisy neighbors, and provide a nice soothing space.  Backyard ponds are a blessing for local wildlife, especially birds and honey bees that need to drink and bathe on a daily basis, and frogs and salamanders that absorb oxygen through their moist skin.  If you’re looking for aesthetics and beauty, consider a Koi pond with UV water filtration, cascading waterfall, and a circulation pump to aerate the water.


Retaining walls are used to hold back dirt at different elevations, and can be made of concrete blocks, natural stone, brick overlaid on concrete blocks, or wood.  Retaining walls are a great solution for garden and flower beds, herbaceous borders, erosion control, and surface water routing.


Patios are a hard surface laid directly on the ground, they are a wonderful outdoor space for gatherings of family and friends, and a place to relax in nature.  Patios are typically paved with brick, stone, or concrete pavers.


Patio covers range from an open air pergola, to a wooden shade covering, to a solar patio cover.  The benefit of a patio cover, is that it provides ample shade during the hottest months of the year, and extends your outdoor living season.


Pathways in your landscape can enhance your stairway entrance, patio entrance, or provide beautiful walkways throughout your garden area.  Pathways are typically paved with brick, stone, or concrete pavers, but can also be made of gravel.


Water and fire features are an eye-catching feature of your back yard landscape.  Imagine the warm friendly conversation family and friends can have sitting around your fire pit, or the relaxing times you can have listening to your waterfall, or watching the Koi swim lazily in your pond.


Is it time to get rid of you old, dead grass?  Let Titan pull out your old sod, and install entirely new grass lawn, that will be immediately ready to enjoy.  Add an automatic irrigation system to keep your new sod healthy and happy.


If you want to avoid watering your lawn altogether, consider installing artificial turf, which is made of recycled plastic. In many cases, it is hard to tell the difference visually between turf and grass. Turf is especially nice as a means to keep pets out of mud and dirt, and it’s easy to clean with a spray hose.


Consider installing an Eco-landscape which is energy efficient, and good for the environment. There are many landscaping solutions that are energy efficient, including: drip Irrigation, Olla irrigation, mulching, drought tolerant plants, solar canopy, rainwater capture and greywater recycling system, and solar LED lighting.  If you want to help the environment even more, consider installing a native plant garden with a water feature, to feed and water honeybees and birds.