Titan installs energy efficient lighting. There are many different styles of lighting schemes for different areas of the house. There are three main types of light: ambient, task and accent.  Ambient lights include: ceiling fans, chandeliers, flush-mount/semi-flush-mount ceiling fixtures, pendants, recessed lighting, torchiere lamps, track lighting, vanity lighting and wall sconces. Task lights include: desk lamps, island or mini pendants, track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, vanity lighting and work lamps. Accent lights include: recessed lighting, track lighting and wall sconces.  Generally speaking, you may need to use two types of lighting to properly light the room. For example, for kitchen table consider a hanging or island pendant task lights combined with ambient recessed lighting.  For bathrooms, consider sconce task lights with an ambient ceiling light.  In the foyer, you may want to consider a flush mount light with a chandelier or pendant lantern. In the living room, consider recessed lights with accent track lighting or wall sconces. For the dining room, consider a chandelier with multiple pendant lights.  For the bedroom, flush mounted ceiling fixtures with wall sconces are a good choice.  One of the best ways to light your home is to add day lighting, which will also improve your mood, and reduce energy costs.   Energy efficient lights like LED (light emitting diode), halogen, motion-sensor, and compact fluorescent, save energy (and money) over the traditional incandescent lights.



Light fixture that hangs from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod.


Light fixture that is attached to the wall, where the light is usually directed upwards.


Light fixtures that are flush mounted (recessed) into the ceiling; or semi-flush mounted, where the base of the light extends just below the ceiling.


An ornate ceiling mounted light composed of many bulbs and crystal prisms to illuminate the room with more light.


Pendant shaped light fixture often used in a string of lights, that hang from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod.


Exterior light fixtures are made of hardy materials to withstand weather conditions, and typically used to light pathways, entryways, spa, pool, and patios.


Day lighting is the installation of a window, tube, skylight, or glass door to illuminate the interior of a home with natural light.


Solar powered outdoor light fixtures are used to illuminate pathways, and garden features.  The solar PV cells are integrated into the light fixture, and the fixture itself is self-contained, with no need for additional electric wiring.


Energy efficient lights are more efficient and can last longer than traditional incandescent lights.  Energy efficient lights include halogen, LED, and compact fluorescent.  LED lights have many advantages including: long lifespan, bright light, no UV emissions, no mercury, durable, fire resistant, and energy savings.  A tip, installing a dimmer switch or motion sensor lights can save both energy and money.